3 cwt Massey Hammer

One thing I love abut my job is the reliability of tools, (no crashing computers) the downside is how hard some of them are to find. Here we have my 3 cwt Massey, finding one of these is like finding hens teeth. Made in 1941 and at some point abandoned to rot in a field in North Durham. At the time of purchase I had no idea how it worked or how to fix it, but being so rare I couldn’t not buy it. With a lot of elbow grease, research and much advice over the phone from Massey Forging Ltd i was able to strip most of it to pieces rebuild it and get her going. This machine is the keystone of the bespoke aspect of my business enabling me to forge out much larger sections (up to 6 inch square) and quantity than the more common hammers on the market.